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How To Start The Right Fashion Business. Find your Niche, Grow your Audience and Turn your Passion into the RIGHT Fashion Business in the next 90 Days.

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Are you looking for to turn your passion for Fashion into a proper Business, BUT you don't know How?

Are you exhausted to work for others, while you want to use your talents to Start your own Fashion Brand or Fashion Business?

Want to start a Fashion Business, BUT you don't know which one is the Right for you?

Are you frustrated to NOT really knowing where to Begin?

Everything is inside your head and you need to put down your ideas on paper?

Want to know how to attract the Right Dream Customers?

Want an help on defining your Business Plan?

Want to know how to market your Fashion Products or Services?

Are you looking for someone holding your hand and guiding you, while you are just Starting up?

Are you afraid of failure Starting your own Fashion Business?

I want you to take a moment, close your eyes and IMAGINE IF...

You turn your Passion and Talents into the Fashion Business of your Dream in the next 90 Days.

You are your own Fashion Boss, you decide of your time and of your work.

You attract the Right Customers for your Fashion Business every single day.

You have a clear Business Plan and you know the exact Steps to take to Start your Fashion Business.

You feel confident, because you know how to market your Fashion Products or Services.

Here's a couple of reasons WHY Starting your OWN Business is the Best thing to do if:

*You want to be your own boss, have more time for yourself and for your beloved ones.

* You want to be seen, to share your talents and creativity to the Fashion world, while you are economically independent
with your profitable Fashion Business.

You can turn your passion into the RIGHT Fashion Business without wasting time and money in advertising or in a big inventory.


Here's the SECRET: Start4Fashion.

Start4fashion is a step by step guide to Start the Right Fashion Business in the next 90 Days.

This is the same system I used to start my profitable Fashion Businesses and I thought to more than 3K+ students online and in Italian Fashion Academies, like Accademia del Lusso and IED-Moda Lab.


Hello Maristella,

Thank you so much for taking out time to give me a consultation.
It was a great session and you were amazing in answering my many questions.

1. What Hesitations did you have about purchasing START4FASHION online course?

None at all! I liked the synopsis of the course outline and it was what I needed at this stage of my business. I really wanted the knowledge for the courage to start my business and as soon as I could, I purchased

2. What changes have you noticed since you have started the program START4FASHION, in yourself and starting your Fashion Business?

I am not as hesitant as I was before I started the course. The fashion industry is very vast and really competitive so it is very easy to feel overwhelmed in the midst of so much talent and creativity. Doing this course makes me know I can be a success in the fashion industry.

3. What Specific Feature did you like Best about the course and our bonus 1:1 session call?

This course helps you gain a better understanding of what it is you want to do. It gives clarity to the often sketchy and vague ideas you may have and helps flesh out the details. I particularly like the workbook. It forces you to think very deeply about WHAT it is you truly want to do, WHY and HOW to go about achieving it.

The bonus 1:1 session was beyond amazing!!! Maristella is incredibly patient and deeply knowledgeable about fashion. She answered all of my questions excellently and went further to provide resources and extra information. With the session, I now know exactly what my next moves are. I have set goals with timelines and look forward to achieving them.

4. Would you Recommend START4FASHION online course and our bonus 1:1 session call ? Why?

YES! YES!! YES!!! Why? It is affordable. It has great content that helps you determine your why, what and how. The 1:1 session call gives you a chance to gain deeper insight into the world of fashion. It also helps you determine you very next steps.

5. Is anything else you would like to add?

This is great knowledge to get if you are going into the fashion business. As a beginner, there are times of confusion and despair that would make you want to give up. This course offers great content that gives you the confidence to go and make a success. The bonus 1:1 session is HIGHLY recommended. I cannot speak well enough about it.

Ejura E. Okpanachi - Womenswear Designer - Abuja, Nigeria. Instagram @i_ejura

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WHY Start4fashion Online Course? Watch this video now!

WHAT Start4Fashion can do for you?

I've created START4FASHION to share the EXACT steps I've taken to Start my own Fashion Businesses
Maiden-Art jewelry and Ebooks4fashion and to create a community of raving fans who are eager to buy from me.

But things weren’t always so sweet, trust me.

When I started in 2006 I didn't have a clear strategy and I didn't have anyone holding my back and guiding me.

I was Myself only with no plans, but with a burning desire to create my own business.

When I started with my fashion brand, I was creating clothes ad accessories and the best way to sell was at the expensive trade shows or in a showroom.

At that time I was working as a professor in Fashion Academies in Italy and I spent the whole money from my daily job, in trade shows and showrooms to sell my collection.

Unfortunately, I was so broke very soon,

- I was not able to sell enough clothes
to cover all the expenses.

- I didn't have a clear business plan and strategy.

- I was not sure how to attract the right customers.

- I din't know how to market my products.

- AND I didn't have anyone helping or guiding me step by step.

It was so stressful and frustrating, especially because I had a strong fear of failing starting my Fashion Business.


In less than a year after, I developed a system, that actually helped me to pay all my debt and get a profit.

This is WHAT I teach in START4FASHION:
a step by step guide to Start your Fashion Business in less than 90 Days.

AND THE BEST THING? You don't have to Start your Fashion Business alone, I'm here for you, holding your back through the whole process.

WHO is the Program for?

Whether you want to turn your passion and talents into the Fashion Business of your Dreams, you want to attract the right Customers or you are looking to someone holding your hand and guiding you while you are just starting up, START4FASHION will help you:

* Clarify your Goals and your WHY.

* Find the right Talents and Skills.

* Develop your Mission, Vision and Core Beliefs.

* Leverage your Uniqueness.

* Define your Fashion Business Model through a simple and clear Business Plan.

* Attract the Right Customers.

* Create an Irresistible Offer.

START4FASHION is the perfect course for:

*Fashion Designers

*Accessories Designers

*Jewelry Designers

*Image Consultants

*Personal Shoppers


*Fashion Photographers

*Fashion Editors

*Fashion Buyers

*Fashion Bloggers

*Beauty Bloggers

*Make up Artists

* Store Owners (Online or Brick and Mortar)

* Visual Merchandisers

* Fashion Lovers

AND anyone with a strong passion for Fashion
who wants to start a Fashion Business.

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What's included in START4FASHION?

* Lifetime access to 8 Video and Audio Lessons.

* Support + Feedback by Email, in our Facebook Group, or by Whatsapp and Telegram.

* Actionable Course Workbook

LESSON 1: Start with your WHY.

Your WHY is the purpose, cause or belief that inspires you. Learn how to define your why and get clear on the reason why you want to start a Fashion Business.
Be honest and true to yourself, write from your heart and don't think about the outcome.

LESSON 2: Find the Right Talents and Skills.
Take a fresh look at your inner strengths, skills and interests.

LESSON 3: Determine your Fashion Business Size.
The size of your Fashion Business depends on how you want to live your Life. Get clear on which is the right business size for you.

LESSON 4: Define your Fashion Business Model.
A Fashion Business Model is a plan for the successful operation of a Fashion Business, identifying sources of revenue, the intended customer base, products and details of financing.
Identify how your Fashion Business will make money.

LESSON 5: Develop your Mission, Vision, Values and write your Story.
Learn the differences between a Mission and a Vision and how to write your own story.

LESSON 6: Attract the Right Dream Customers.
Learn how to attract the right dream customers in 7 easy steps.

LESSON 7: Create an Irresistible Offer.
Learn how to create Fashion Products or Services that people will love.

LESSON 8: Write your Fashion Business Plan and Strategy.
Learn how to write your Business Plan and Strategy in less than 1 hour.

Class Curriculum

  Welcome to Start4Fashion course! START HERE.
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Lesson 01 - Start with your Why.
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Lesson 02 - Find the Right Talents and Skills.
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Lesson 03 - Determine your Fashion Business Size.
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Lesson 04 - Define your Fashion Business Model.
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Lesson 05 - Develop your Mission, Vision, Values and Write your Story.
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Lesson 06 - Attract the Right Dream Customers.
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Lesson 07 - Create an Irresistible Fashion Offer.
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Lesson 08 - Write your Fashion Business Plan and Strategy
Available in days
days after you enroll
  The Beginning of The Fashion Business and Life you DREAM
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Need Help?
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll



Registering for START4FASHION will not only give you access to all eight lessons, with video tutorials, audio tutorials, and worksheets, but you'll also get
this 3 Bonuses (Total Value $297) for FREE:

BONUS 1: A 30 MINUTES 1:1 COACHING CALL ON SKYPE (or any other devices).


Here's a brilliant guide about How to use Crowdfunding to fund your Fashion Business.


The perfect Worksheet to create your powerful and professional Personal Brand Profile in only 5 Minutes!


You get for FREE!

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"I met Maristella through Linkedln for a pure case, and from the beginning had struck me for her extreme kindness, availability and professionalism.

I've got to know and buy some jewelry from her Maiden-Art brand, which I find very original, modern and particular, so I highly recommend them to my customers and to all women who love a style different from the usual and a bit rock.

Also, I have deepened her close acquaintance with the project, and I have once again noticed her extreme availability, customer attention, and the incredible professionalism she always shows.

I consider her a highly competent professional in every field of her business, besides being a very kind, helpful person and attentive to the needs of anyone who is addressing her.

I strongly recommend her Start4Fashion online course and her consultancy to everyone, it is a golden and all-rounder, both humanly and professionally."

Valentina Lombardi, Image Consultant, Personal Shopper and Make up Artist, Vigevano - Italy.

"The fashion market is one of the most competitive and varied markets, and it is a duty and responsibility for every entrepreneur to try to analyze it at best and implement the right strategies to grow.

We have found in Maristella a reliable and prepared consultant able to know how to guide us with peace, clarity and tranquility towards the road best suited to our goals.

I strongly recommend anyone who has a small / medium business or if you are a freelance to enroll in Start4Fashion course, all of her trainings and also her 1:1 consultancy, it will be the first of a long journey. Thank you."

Francesca Mancini,
Founder of GiardinoBlu jewelry, Milan-Italy.

"Maristella’s guidance and support have been instrumental in my entrepreneurship journey.

I first came to her as a very green novice chasing an idea about a fashion business; through her coaching we surpassed all of my goals and continue to grow!

She is very honest in sharing her experiences and opinions, allowing me to learn from her successes and avoid potential pitfalls.

I would recommend anyone interested in pursuing this industry enroll in Start4Fashion course and reach out to Maristella ASAP!

Caroline Andrews - Pretty & Pepper


I can promise you will use your talents to start your own RIGHT Fashion Brand and Fashion Business

You will turn your passion for Fashion in a proper Business in the next 90 days.

You will take the exact steps to create the Fashion Business, you have always dreamed of.

You will define a clear Business Plan and Strategy.

You will know how to attract the RIGHT Customers for your Fashion Business.

You will know how to market your Fashion Products or Services.

You will have someone holding your hand and guiding you through the whole process.

If After 90 Days you will not be able to start your own RIGHT Fashion Business, I will offer additional 1:1 Coaching / Consulting Calls on Skype (or on other devices), to keep on working until you get it.








When you join START4FASHION, you won’t just be helping yourself to Start the Right Fashion Business.

You’ll also be contributing to Associazione Italiana per la Ricerca sul Cancro (AIRC), a non-profit organization that research on Cancer in Italy.

Our company is committed to giving back and we're so excited to give a portion of your payment to this amazing organization.

Thank you so much for contributing to help people with cancer disease!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if I'm completely new to starting a Fashion Business?
No worries, START4FASHION is all about starting a business from scratch. In the course I will help you to start your Fashion Business in the right way from zero.
2. What if have already a Fashion Business, BUT I'm not happy with it?
Sure, no problem at all! Actually Start4Fashion can help you to re-define your existing Fashion Business, improving your profits and sales. I will share an easy step by step guide to set up a profitable Fashion Business.
3. Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?
No, I don't offer Refunds, but I offer a Guarantee. If After 90 Days you will not be able to start your own RIGHT Fashion Business, I will offer additional 1:1 Coaching / Consulting Calls on Skype (or on other devices), to keep on working until you get it.
4. When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
5. How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
6. I'm too broke to Start a Fashion Business. How can I start with No Money?
Entrepreneurship is all the rage these days There are still plenty of ways you can pave the road to entrepreneurship without breaking the bank. In this course I explain you how to start a Fashion Business with a very low investment. However, I always think that if you have a really strong burning desire to start your own Fashion Business, you will find the money to invest in yourself.
7. I've taken other courses from Maristella - like INSTAGRAM4FASHION and FASHION4PROFIT - is there any overlap?
Cool question! START4FASHION is almost entirely created with brand new material that I haven’t taught or shared anywhere else. But some of the things and concept I teach in it, are so fundamental so you might find the other courses, too. However, I have students that they have taken all of my courses and and they have learned many new strategies in ALL of them.
8. Is this course only for Fashion Product Businesses?
No, not at all. This course is perfect for both if you want to sell fashion products or fashion services. This course is for anyone who has a strong passion for fashion and wants to start a proper profitable and successful business.
8. Can't just find what's in the course online?
No, you can't. You might find some information online BUT not a step by step guide and strategy. What I teach in this course is more than just marketing! I teach you how to set up the right business and to create the life you desire.
10. Why START4FASHION is different from other online courses?
START4FASHION is more than a simple online course. It's an accelerator for your Fashion Business and the life you DREAM. It's NOT only an online course, because I'm there for you. I will hold your hand and guide you through the whole process of setting up your Fashion Business. You will have instant support 24/7 day by whatsapp, fb messenger, email, etc...PLUS you will have a FREE 30 Minutes coaching / consulting call with me! So I'm your personal coach there for you all the time!

Your Instructor

Maristella Colombo
Maristella Colombo

Hi there, Maristella Colombo's here! :)

I'm a Fashion Business Coach/Consultant for, a professor for several prestigious Fashion Academies in Milan, Italy (like Accademia del Lusso and IED, Moda Lab), a Jewelry Designer for my brand rockmantic jewelry, a Personal Shopper for, and a Visual Artist for

I lead an ever-growing community where I help fashion entrepreneurs to start or grow their fashion business and live the life of their dreams.

As a course instructor and a professor I've taught more than 3K+ students and as a business woman, I've turned my dreams in fashion into successful and profitable fashion businesses, living the life I've always wanted.

But things weren’t always so sweet, trust me.

I want to share with You my personal experience in the fashion business and what I learned in more than 10 years running my jewelry brand Maiden-Art.

Why i'm sharing my experience with You?

Because, I really hope that my experience can be inspiring for YOU, can make you thinking that IT'S TOTALLY POSSIBLE to start and grow a fashion business from scratch, whether is a product or service based business, only if you follow the right strategies.

When I started with my fashion brand, I was creating clothes ad accessories and more than 10 years ago, the best way to sell your collection was at a trade show or to find a showroom/rep.

Trade shows were so expensive, from $5K to $10k per each show and if you were accepted after sending your application at least 6-8 months before, you had to book your space, paying at least 50% off the price of the show and the rest, a month before the show.

Can you imagine how much money I spent many months before the trade shows only to book a space at them, without including the expenses to stay in hotel and the travel to go to the show, without knowing if I would have found buyers at the show, interested in my collection?

I know right now, It sounds so crazy, but when I started there were NO Facebook, Social Media, E-commerce etc…to use and to get known from the press and from retailers, the only way was to be seen at trade shows.

The second step was to find a showroom or sales rep interested in your collection.

I'm telling You this, because when I started the only money came from my work as a professor at IED- Moda Lab, a fashion school in Milan and the money I won from a European Funds competition for supporting new entrepreneurs.

Basically, what I did, I invested everything in my fashion business:

producing the samples and booking a space at the most important trade shows in Italy and in Europe, if my applications were accepted.

My applications were accepted and so, I could go to show my collections of clothes and accessories at the trade shows.

Unfortunately, things didn't go as I expected.

In a few years I've lost everything I earned, because the orders I received, were not even enough to cover the trade shows expenses.

At one trade show (Pitti Immagine in Florence, Italy), I had to change (just few days before the show) what I was going to show, because my samples were not ready for the trade show. I had to produce myself some jewelry in exchange of my clothing collection not ready!

If I didn't do that, my booth at the trade show would have been left empty.

That's how I changed my clothing brand into a jewelry brand Maiden-Art.

To make it short: from all the trade shows, from the research to find showrooms/sales reps and from producing samples, I've lost $50K !

Yes you heard right $50K!

In 2010 I've been in debt of $50K and I am not ashamed of telling you that!

Why? Because It was for me a BIG BIG BIG lesson to learn!

From that experience, the year after, I got in net profit of $35K, so I paid all my debt of $50K plus a profit of $35K.

How I did it?

1) I invested in myself.

What I mean is: I started to learn more of what I didn't know,

MARKETING & SALES (I come from a creative background, I'm a visual designer and a fashion designer).

AND also I learned to shift my mindset.

I took as many online courses as possible about marketing/sales and I started to follow inspiring people that could keep me on track.

2) I started to understand better and deeper my Customers and Dream Customers.

I focused my attention to understand more who they were, their problems, how I could help them with my products, how I could satisfy their needs and giving them benefits.

3) I started to build my EMAIL LIST of potential customers interested in my jewelry collections.

I focused more my attention online, but never forgetting the offline world.

Every occasion, where I could find my dream customer, was the perfect one to offer value in exchange for my audience's email list.

Every day, I focused my attention to build my email list and to grow the relationship with my dream customers.

In this way, I could get back on track in my fashion business, but with a more deep knowledge of myself and more confident on what my dream customers really needed.

So, in conclusion, don't give up on your fashion business, stay focused on your dream customers needs, provide them great value for free, build a true relationship with them and grow your email list every day!

This is what I teach in all of my courses, online trainings and coaching/consultingservices and so You have come to the perfect place to create the Fashion Business and Life You DREAM.

Want to know how START4FASHION
will create your dream Business
and transform your Life?

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