How To Start A Fashion Business or A Clothing Line from Zero.

This Article is for You if:

  • You want to Start your own Fashion Business, but You don't know where to begin.

  • You don't know How to Market your Fashion Products or Services.

  • You don't know How to Define your Fashion Business Plan.

  • You don't know Where To Find Manufactures and Suppliers.

  • You want to Turn your Passion for Fashion into a Proper Business, but You don't know How.
Are you a fashion lover who wants to turn a passion for style and fashion into a fashion service business that helps people to feel more confident?
Do you have millions of ideas to create beautiful clothes or accessories but you don't know how to turn your ideas into a successful fashion product business?
Do you feel overwhelmed by too many choices on which fashion business to start?
If you answered YES, to any of these questions above,you are my dear fashionista in the RIGHT place.
This article will help you to get clear on what you want and how to turn your ideas into a profitable and sustainable fashion business, whether you are selling products or services in fashion.
Are you ready?
I have created for you 8 Steps to Start a Fashion Business or Clothing Line from Zero.

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8 Steps to Start a Fashion Business or Clothing Line from Zero:

  1. Start with your Why.
  2. Find the Right Talents and Skills.
  3. Determine your Fashion Business Size.
  4. Define your Fashion Business Model.
  5. Develop your Mission, Vision, Values and Write your Own Story.
  6. Attract the Right Dream Customers.
  7. Create an Irresistible Fashion Offer.
  8. Write your Fashion Business Plan and Strategy.

1. Start with Your Why.

It's time now to get clear on WHY you want to start a Fashion Business.
Be honest and true to yourself, write from your heart and don't think about the outcome. Concentrate only on your passions, on what moves you to take this new adventure in your life. Why do you want to Start a Fashion Business?

Start with your Why, Start a Fashion Business from Zero

2. Find the Right Talents and Skills.

Take a fresh look at your inner strengths, skills and interests.
Be curious about who you really are and what do you do naturally, without thinking.
So ask yourself: how can I use my skills and natural strengths to help other people?

Find the Right Talents and Skills, Start a Fashion Business from Zero.

3. Determine your Fashion Business Size.

How BIG do you imagine your Fashion Business?
What Size Fashion Business do you want?
Do you see yourself as the leader of a big team or as a small business owner or as a one person business?
The SIZE of your Fashion Business is just up to you and it depends on how do you want to live your Life.

Determine your Fashion Business Size, Start a Fashion Business from Zero.

4. Define your Fashion Business Model.

A Fashion Business model is a plan for the successful operation of a Fashion Business, identifying sources of revenue, the intended customer base, products, and details of financing.
For Who do you want to Start a Fashion Brand?
I mean, for who do you want to design your collections, write your fashion blog, create your ideal outfits and style, take pictures, etc…?
Who is your Dream Customer?
Which kind of Problems are you solving with your offer?
Do you have a clear scheduled plan about your fashion brand?
Did you write a Fashion Business Plan? If you need a clear guide about writing your business plan, you should grab my Ebook: Easy Fashion Business Plan in 1 Hour.

Define your Fashion Business Model, Start a Fashion Business from Zero.

5. Develop your Mission, Vision, Values and Write your Story.

It's fundamental that you talk to your Dream Customers in the most honest way, so I strongly suggest you to share with them your Mission, Vision, Values and your Own Personal Story so they will feel connected with you.

    Your own story is what is going to reach out to your DREAM customers, more than any other piece of marketing or advertising.
    Your DREAM customers should get involved, identify themselves in your own story and say: “this is just like me!” “We have so many things in common!”.
    You should treat them like your best friends.
    Share with them, who you are, what you have done before, your problems & pains, what happened in your life and why you wanted to create your fashion business.
    When you are writing your own story and you are talking to your DREAM customers, you must:

If you keep these things in your mind, you will write down your story easily and your audience will strongly and deeply connect with you.

You’ll become your customer best friend forever! 🙂

For example> you can read my story here:


    Your mission should be the purpose of your fashion business.
    You should write your mission short, simple but clear.
    Mission statement can evolve during years, because your company changes. Recently, I re-wrote my jewelry business mission statement, to be more focused on my customer’s needs and on what I want to achieve.

For example> for my jewelry business MAIDEN-ART I wrote: “My mission is to give to my clients an excellent customer service and fast delivery, to benefit them in the best way possible”.


Your vision should be who you are and what you want to become in the future or near future.
To write down your vision statement you should answer to the following questions:
– Who is your fashion business?
– What do you do?
– Why do you do?
– Which kind of problems do you solve for your customers?
– Do you want to make a profit with your fashion business?

For example: “I design rockmantic jewelry with a strong and romantic woman in mind.A woman that never gives up, determined and passionate in everything she does.
Sometimes the woman in my mind is very busy and she forgets to take care of herself (like me), that’s why I create fashion jewelry that can give a great touch to any look or effortless update any outfits! I have the same problems, sometimes I’m too busy and I completely forget to take care of myself. I get lost in millions of thoughts and things to do and I forget there is a “ME” to take care of. So this is why, I wanted to design jewelry that can be easily worn and can fit any woman, giving a new fresh and strong look to any wardrobe and can solve the problem to have no time to change your outfit for different occasions or to buy new clothing styles to update your wardrobe.So you don’t need to spend hours thinking on what to wear and how to match your outfit!Maiden-Art jewelry can be worn with everything you like, no stress, no time waisted, easily enrich your outfit and enhance your features!”

    Core values are the fundamental personal beliefs or the fundamental beliefs of your fashion business.
    The core values are the guiding principles that dictate your behavior and action.
    They can help fashion businesses to determine if they are on the right path and fulfilling their business goals.

You should highlight from 3 to 5 core values for your fashion business.

For example: for my jewelry business I highlighted: unique and strong design, excellent customer service done by myself in person.
I love to create a personal connection with all of my clients satisfying their needs to have a unique and innovative design, rockmantic style, totally handmade jewelry and made in Italy pieces.

    Write down your goals and objectives for your fashion business, so you know you are on the right track and you are focused on what you want to achieve.

Once you have done all these steps, I’m sure you’ll make a great connection with your customers and dream audience!


Develop your Mission, Vision, Values and Write your Own Story. Start a fashion Business from Zero.

6. Attract the Right Dream Customers

Knowing deeply who your dream customer is, changes everything!

Never matter, if you are a product or a service based business in fashion, first of all, think for who you are creating a product or a service, so you can speak your dream customer’s language, you can start building a relationship with him or her and you will not waste your time in places real or virtual, where you won’t find her or him.

I recently wrote an article about How to find your Ideal Customer for Fashion Business and you can read more here.

Attract the Right Dream Customers for Fashion Business

7. Create an Irresistible Offer.

Before you can start selling to your dream customers, you need to know who your ideal customer is, where they are, and what they will buy, do you remember it?

In step 6, We talked about how to attract the right dream customers for your Fashion Business and Now , you need to frame your Fashion Products or Fashion Services as a part of an IRRESISTIBLE OFFER!


You need to understand what kind of problems you are solving with your offer, what kind of secret desires you are satisfying and which benefits you are giving to your audience.

Create an Irresistible Offer for Fashion Business, Start a Fashion Business from Zero.

8. Write your Fashion Business Plan and Strategy.

5 reasons why you need a Business plan for your Fashion Business:

  • A business plan helps you to make decisions in your Fashion Business.

    If you have not decided which kind of products you want to sell at what price points in your Fashion Business, it will help you to identify these vital and valuable information and the way to proceed.
  • A business plan can be a reality check and keep your Fashion Business healthy.

    Fashion entrepreneurs most of the time are creative people, so they have so many ideas, but they don’t know how to turn those ideas into a reality. In this way sometimes they loose their control of the reality and they only dream, without knowing if their ideas can be developed and can be turned in a real business.

    So, It can bolster the fashion entrepreneur’s chance of success before he or she invests time and money in a business that is likely to fail.
  • A business plan can give you new ideas for your Fashion Business.

    It is a flexible, growing and dynamic tool that can help you think creatively and come up with new solutions for some of your toughest Fashion Business challenges. It can help you to think different or outside the box for your Business in Fashion.
  • A business plan helps you to take actions.

    It helps you outline action items, next steps and future activities, you are creating a living, breathing document that not only outlines where you are and where you want to be, but also gives you the directions you need to get there. It’s your secret map to follow to know where you are going in your Fashion Business and which directions to take.
  • A business plan is a must-have tool if you need to approach a financial institution for a loan or to contact investors and business partners.

    Potential investors and supporters want to see the true potential of your business idea through a written document, numbers and hard facts about your Fashion Business.
Write your Fashion Business Plan and Strategy

And now it's your Turn!

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